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Welcome to the Games of Texas - Brownsville

The City of Brownsville is proud to be the host of the 2023 Summer Games – Games of Texas, scheduled to take place between July 27th and July 30th. The City, is a member of the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation, and is chosen to host the competitive sporting event because of its commitment and engagement to promoting amateur athletics, including the promotion of parks, recreation, and leisure services to the communities it serves. The Games of Texas Brownsville is promising to create memorable experiences for athletes and their families, offer athletes an opportunity to advance to state level competitions, all while welcoming visitors from outside of the Rio Grande Valley to the extraordinary City of Brownsville!

The Games of Texas Brownsville is expected to host more than 7,000 athletes in the various competitive sports it will feature. The sporting events will take place across various City venues, including Brownsville Independent School District venues.

The thousands that are expected to descend on Brownsville for the competitive sporting event will be welcomed at City hotels, including AirBnB properties; retails shops, restaurants, family entertainment venues; City parks, walking and biking trails; and other local attractions.

The Games of Texas Brownsville will feature athletic competitions in the following sports:

Basketball (youth)

Boxing (youth & adults)

Disc Golf (youth & adults)

Flag Football (adults)

Golf (youth & adults)

Pickleball (adults)

Skateboarding (youth & adults)

Soccer (youth)

Softball (youth)

Swimming (youth & adults)

Tennis (youth & adults)

Track & Field (adults)

*Sporting competitions are subject to change depending on participation. Visit this website regularly for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

The Brownsville Games of Texas is scheduled for this and next summer the last week in July 2023 & July 2024. Specifically, July 27 – 30, 2023 (Thursday through Sunday) and July 25 – 28, 2024 (Thursday through Sunday). More information can be found online at GamesofTexas.com.


How long does the event last?

It is a 4-day event running typically from a Thursday through Sunday, with Opening Ceremonies hosted Friday evening. Opening Ceremonies for this summer is scheduled at the Brownsville Sports Park Friday, July 28, 2023, starting at 8pm, starting time is due athletes competing in sporting events all day.


How many people are expected?

Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) bids the Games of Texas out to Texas cities for 2 years. Historically, the estimated attendance has been around 8,000 athletes and sometime upwards of 10,000 depending on the location and hotel rooms available and affordability.


Can local athletes participate?

Yes! However, in Swimming and Track and Field events, athletes must participate in their TAAF Region meets and qualify for State. The other 10 sports that are being offered, TAAF does not require that athletes qualify for State, it is determined by the local host association planning the tournament.

Local athletes can contact the Parks and Recreation Department at [email protected]


Can my organization help volunteer?

Yes! We need at least 250 volunteers over the course of 4 days. Volunteers are broken up into short shifts so that they can help without feeling the pressure of too long of a time commitment. No, they do not have to know sports to volunteer, and Yes, they will receive a volunteer T-shirt and be fed!

Will this be an opportunity for food vendors?

Yes, with 7 locations, 12 sports, an estimated 8,000 athletes plus parents, coaches, family members etc. each site will need to have food vendors on location to feed the masses. In addition, local restaurants, gas stations and tourism locations should plan well for scheduling employees and supply chain; as before, after, or in between competitions they will go explore the city eat, shop, and visit local attractions.

What locations are the sports and their sport venue?

Brownsville Sports Park

  • Basketball (youth)
  • Fast Pitch Softball (youth)
  • Flag Football (adults)
  • Pickleball (adults)
  • Skateboarding (youth & adults)
  • Soccer (youth)

Monte Bella Trails Park

  • Disc Golf (youth & adults)

Veteran’s Memorial Early College High School

  • Track and Field (youth)

Brownsville Events Center

  • Boxing (youth & adults)

Margaret M. Clark Aquatics Center

  • Swimming (youth)

Brownsville Tennis Center

  • Tennis (youth & adults)

Brownsville Golf Center

  • Golf (youth & adults)