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City of Brownsville
Parks and Recreation Department

Primary Contact: 956-446-0466

Volunteers: 956-446-0979

For GOT information call 956-446-0466 or email [email protected]

Graciela Salazar + Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation
Office Phone: (956) 547-6855
Mobile Phone: (956) 551-2770
Email: [email protected]

Araceli Sandoval + Athletics Supervisor
Office Phone: (956) 547-6861
Mobile Phone: (956) 878-6854
Email: [email protected]

Samuel L. Perez + Aquatics & Compliance Coordinator
Office Phone: (956) 547-6856
Mobile Phone: (956) 525-3442
Email: [email protected]

Reymundo Cantu + Brownsville Golf Center Manager
Office Phone: (956) 541-2582
Mobile Phone: (956) 459-2825
Email: [email protected]

Contacts by Sport

Basketball: 956-446-2739
Boxing: 956-446-2409
Disc Golf: 956-446-0398
Fast Pitch Softball:
Flag Football: 956-446-2956
Golf: 956-446-2907
Pickleball: 956-446-2041
Skateboarding: 956-446-2556
Soccer: 956-446-2991
Swimming: 956-446-2067
Tennis: 956-446-2067
Track & Field: 956-446-2740

Communications & Marketing Department

For more information contact 956-546-3721 or email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

The Brownsville Games of Texas is scheduled for this and next summer the last week in July 2023 & July 2024. Specifically, July 27 – 30, 2023 (Thursday through Sunday) and July 25 – 28, 2024 (Thursday through Sunday). More information can be found online at GamesofTexas.com.

How long does the event last?

It is a 4-day event running typically from a Thursday through Sunday, with Opening Ceremonies hosted Friday evening. Opening Ceremonies for this summer is scheduled at the Brownsville Sports Park Friday, July 28, 2023, starting at 8pm, starting time is due athletes competing in sporting events all day.

How many people are expected?

Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) bids the Games of Texas out to Texas cities for 2 years. Historically, the estimated attendance has been around 8,000 athletes and sometime upwards of 10,000 depending on the location and hotel rooms available and affordability.

Can local athletes participate?

Yes! However, in Swimming and Track and Field events, athletes must participate in their TAAF Region meets and qualify for State. The other 10 sports that are being offered, TAAF does not require that athletes qualify for State, it is determined by the local host association planning the tournament.

Local athletes can contact the Parks and Recreation Department at [email protected]

Will this be an opportunity for food vendors?

Yes, with 7 locations, 12 sports, an estimated 8,000 athletes plus parents, coaches, family members etc. each site will need to have food vendors on location to feed the masses. In addition, local restaurants, gas stations and tourism locations should plan well for scheduling employees and supply chain; as before, after, or in between competitions they will go explore the city eat, shop, and visit local attractions.

For more information contact Gloria Gonzalez at 956 778-0076

What locations are the sports and their sport venue?

Brownsville Sports Park

•  Basketball (youth)
•  Fast Pitch Softball (youth)
•  Flag Football (adults)
•  Pickleball (adults)
•  Skateboarding (youth & adults)
•  Soccer (youth)

Monte Bella Trails Park

•  Disc Golf (youth & adults)

Veteran’s Memorial Early College High School

•  Track and Field (youth)

Brownsville Events Center

•  Boxing (youth & adults)

Margaret M. Clark Aquatics Center

•  Swimming (youth)

Brownsville Tennis Center

•  Tennis (youth & adults)

Brownsville Golf Center

•  Golf (youth & adults)

Can my organization help volunteer?

Yes! We need at least 250 volunteers over the course of 4 days. Volunteers are broken up into short shifts so that they can help without feeling the pressure of too long of a time commitment. No, they do not have to know sports to volunteer, and Yes, they will receive a volunteer T-shirt and be fed!

It’s so hot, what can we do to beat the heat?

We encourage all spectators and athletes to wear light, breathable clothing & attend outdoor events only if your health permits you to be in the heat for extended periods of time. Hydrate, stay in the shade, & monitor for signs of heat exhaustion. If you have any signs – immediately go to the *EMS/ Cooling Tent.

Tents ARE allowed in Tent City and a personal umbrella is permitted for use outside of the bleachers – (be sure to plan for strong winds & only use weighted anchors – no stakes!) SIGNS OF HEAT-RELATED ILLNESS: headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, heavy sweating, flushed skin, rapid heartbeat, and thirst this year for the first time!

Should my athlete attend Opening Ceremonies?

The City of Brownsville is excited to honor this year’s Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) athletes for the 2023 Brownsville Games of Texas, CONGRATULATIONS to all and making it to the State Games!

We invite all Games of Texas athletes, their coaches, and friends and family to see live performances that feature Brownsville culture and local talents including KTEX DJ Jojo, Visit Brownsville Highlights, and so much more, INCLUDING music, fireworks, and Avelo Airlines and Disneyland 4-pack ticket give away and more surprises.

Can I buy spectator tickets online?

Yes! To avoid waiting in line, we recommend attendees purchase tickets online at GamesofTexas.com – Select Tickets in the top navigation bar.

What time should I arrive?

Please make sure to plan sufficient time to park, shuttle (Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center) and check in before the event. Athletes should contact their coaches for schedules and arrival times or check on TAAF.com/sgot2023

Where can I park?

Each venue has different parking availability, most venues can accommodate parking without any need for overflow except for swimming at Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center. Please see the detailed map on TAAF.com/sgot2023 swimming tab.

What can or can’t I bring into the venue?

Visitors of Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) venues must adhere to the BISD Purse/Bag Policy.

One (1) water bottle (preferably reusable) per person is permitted.
Coolers for water are only permitted for a fee (prohibited in the stands) permitted in Tent City.

5 – 20 Quarts = $10
20+ Quarts = $20
Max. Size: 60 quarts

Will there be concessions on site?

Most of our venues will have concessions available. We accept credit/debit cards. We are going “cash light”- the largest denomination accepted is $20.00. Electronic payment is preferred for the most expedient method to complete your purchase.

What is there to do in Brownsville?

From museums, zoos, parks, beaches, rockets, birds and more, there is so much to do in Brownsville!
VisitBTX.com for all to see in do especially downtown and the Mitte Cultural District, many venues have prepared to welcome with discounts or coupon codes. All athletes received a Mitte Passport in their welcome bags, be sure to visit Mitte and discover some of Brownsville’s best offerings.

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